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Petz offers an innovative environment for you to buy the best for your pet. The online environment is thought to facilitate the purchase and provide the best experience for brazilian customers.

Project Beginning

With Petz, the biggest challenge was to examine all organic traffic of all market players and define a long-term project to become the largest e-commerce in the segment in organic searches.

Two main challenges were the process definition and the measurement of all the work to be done since the competitors were also running parallel SEO projects.

Estimated traffic at the beginning of the project

petz 1 estimativa junho 2017 1

Related keywords in organic searches at the beginning of the project

petz 2 keywords junho 2017

Data Source: SEM Rush


The project was divided between the SEO actions taken on e-commerce and the SEO actions taken on the blog. For each of the fronts, we define strategy, On-Page actions, content development, and acquisition of external backlinks.

The whole process involved the participation of four dedicated full-time writers for the production and maintenance of all content.


15% increase in organic traffic each month;
+ 300% organic growth since the beginning of the project;
+ 200,000 new keywords in the search;
+ 20,000 keywords in the top 3;

Estimated traffic in July 2021

petz 3 estimativa julho 2021

Related keywords in organic searches in July 2021

petz 4 keywords julho 2021

Data Source: SEM Rush

years of the project
Worked contents
TOP 3 keywords
André Marinho - Petz

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