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We are a SEO agency specialized in generating results: more traffic and conversion for your business.

About Gear SEO

Breathe SEO every day. For us, the search for success in organic traffic involves 100% of the agency on all fronts: strategy, technique, content, and Link Building. At the end of the day, only SEO matters.


Rodrigo Botinhão
Founder at Gear SEO

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SEO Projects

The differential at Gear SEO is in the realization and delivery of all activities related to an SEO project. For each activity mentioned below we have specialists and multidisciplinary teams working directly with our customers. For us, that’s the definition of a specialized SEO agency.

We analyze your website, selecting all keywords, pages, and content to be developed, in a monthly cycle. This will guarantee us the correct guideline for the entire process while aligning the expectation of results and how we will achieve them.


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We define all technical recommendations to improve the performance of your site. Our expertise encompasses the main technologies and platforms in the market. The concern with indexability, performance, security, structure, and accessibility is a fundamental premise in our SEO process.


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We know the importance of good content for your website. Thus, we develop content that captivates both readers and search engines. We align guidelines, themes, language, personas, and styles to SEO metrics, generating organic traffic and conversion for the most varied segments.


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Our basic rule is authority. We always create quality links for your company, associating it with excellent content and partner sites consolidated in its segments. With our backlinks strategy, we increase the relevance and organic traffic of your site.


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