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SEO Projects

Our Premise

“For each company, there is a unique SEO strategy to achieve the results.”

An SEO project with Gear SEO consists of performing all the work using our methodology: definition of the entire scope and strategy, On-Page implementations, content creation, Link Building, analysis, and monitoring of results. We believe that this is the most complete way to act directly in the success of the work.

The main feature of the SEO project is that it has the steps in a monthly cycle. In other words, the renewal of the project occurs according to the results obtained in the previous month. With that, we have gained more experience. It is a job that will never cease because we know that the competition is disputing for the same keywords every day.

Experience with:
Oracle Commerce

How do we measure the results of Gear’s SEO project?

First, we measure the quality of deliverables for all tasks in the monthly cycle. For this, we hold meetings and interviews with all the parties involved (client, employees, outsourced development agencies, and others).

We also measure all the KPIs that we take into account for an SEO project (organic visits, organic traffic conversion, average ticket, revenue from organic traffic or number of leads generated by organic traffic, CTR, and more).

What sets Gear’s SEO process apart from others on the market?

Gear SEO’s differential is to be an agency 100% focused on SEO. This means that we do not act on any other traffic acquisition front. We also work in depth on our fronts, detailing the work that will be performed to maximize organic results.

To do this, we separated the areas. That is, the professional who takes care of the On-Page area is not the same person who leads the production of content. These are 100% distinct activities.

Is this process the best?

We don’t know. The certainty we have is that our process is a combination of the experience of all of us and good SEO practices worked over the years and.

Gear also has success stories from major players in the Brazilian market, such as Dafiti, Marabraz, Petz, Camicado, Telhanorte, and much more.

Why hire an agency instead of a dedicated in-house professional?

SEO work involves several disciplines and techniques. Thus, the professional SEO analyst responsible for creating the content will hardly be the same person who makes improvements to the website’s structure. Both are professionals with different backgrounds, but complementary to an SEO project.

It is still important to emphasize that the quality of delivery of an SEO project will be better if it is directed to specialized professionals with a high level of experience.

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