Why is SEO work a continuous process?

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As we all know, internet marketing has changed and has become a worldwide phenomenon. Undoubtedly, the internet is a very competitive place to do business at any level and each company must keep the focus of its Digital Marketing strategy on precision and effectiveness. However, this strategy will depend a lot on how to use Digital Marketing tools.

Search Engine Optimization is at the forefront of all marketing strategies and most companies consider organic search as the main source of traffic. With these assumptions, it is right to state that SEO is not just a one-time demand for quick fixes on the site. It is necessary to keep the SEO campaign continuous, and we have listed some reasons below stating why:

Your competitors will continue to perform in SEO too

Your competitors are also checking the keywords that rank best in search results and are probably performing SEO actions to improve their positioning, whether it is punctual or continuous work. Consequently, they are also using all of their arsenals in SEO campaigns.

There are several sites likely to be similar to the products or services you are selling. If you are planning to compete with all of them, you will need to do something different and strategic, making your website stand out among both visitors and search engines.

Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms

Both Google and all other search engines are facing a daily battle against SEO practices considered Black Hat and increasingly improving search algorithms, which constantly affects the results. Updates like Google Panda and Penguin, for example, affected 3% to 7% of all search results. For this reason, continuous SEO work and constant updating of the strategy based on these changes, which ensure that your website is as “findable” as possible, are vital.

Developing quality content is a continuous process

Content is an essential part of a successful SEO campaign. If the content is for blog, landing page or even ads, it must be optimized with the correct keywords, titles, descriptions, images, according to the initial SEO strategy. Good practice recommendations indicate that it is ideal for content to be published on a constant basis and in a short period of time to help leverage positioning. Google’s algorithm searches for quality, up-to-date content every day.

Continuous SEO is necessary to keep you always on top

If you interrupt your SEO campaigns, probably your placement in search results will drop significantly. And this confirms studies that indicate that companies that have discontinued SEO campaigns have experienced an approximate 30% drop in search results. In addition, the positioning potential of your website will depend a lot on how and how often you will conduct the campaign.

The internet is constantly evolving

It is true that the internet universe is constantly evolving and that includes new products, technologies and services. Because of this, there is a great potential for people looking for these innovations through related keywords. That is why SEO work should be a continuous process and always reevaluate the initial keyword strategy, ensuring that all new keywords are understood by your campaign and make sense for your business.

Changes can happen in your company or business

For each change that happens in your company, your SEO campaign should be reevaluated to make sure that these changes are being considered or are not negatively affecting the results. Based on that, it will be necessary to produce or update related content and keywords. It is important to always assess whether the changes that have occurred in the company will harm or open new opportunities for your campaign.

Changes in search behavior

A keyword strategy that you used some time ago is unlikely to have the same popularity in searches these days. This is probably because the search volume for keywords probably decreased due to some reason that was not in your control. It is important to periodically validate that your keyword strategy continues with a search volume that justifies all the effort in an SEO campaign.

Behavior changes on your website

Your website started to receive visits through a specific page or search that was not in your keyword planning. Therefore, it is important to always observe what visitors are looking for on your website, where they are coming from and what they are doing after coming to your website. Periodic monitoring is important to quickly identify opportunities before your competitor.

Establish your company as an authority in the segment

Creating quality and periodic content for an audience related to the segment will not only increase the chances of rising in search engine positions, but will also establish your company as an authority in the segment. Since this work takes a long time to consolidate, your SEO campaign must be continuous.

Online reputation

Having a solid and positive reputation on the internet is the result of continuous SEO work with quality. Constant and quality information about your brand, your product, your service and your segment will help you stay in the top positions in search results.

A continuous and quality SEO campaign will promote the maintenance of the top positions in the search results. The most important thing is to always be aware of changes in search algorithms and stay many steps ahead of your competition (and many keywords too!).


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