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About Project

Founded in January 2001, the Grupo Tenda Atacado is a reference in self-service retail in Brazil, due to the more than 40 years of experience of the founder in this segment.

Project Beginning

With the Grupo Tenda, the challenge was to start an SEO project with the VTEX platform and without a history of SEO work done previously. Thus, the definition of a content publishing structure had to be carried out.

The synergy between Gear SEO, Grupo Tenda, and the e-commerce development agency of the VTEX platform was fundamental.

Estimated traffic at the beginning of the project

grupo tenda 2 estimativa maio 2019

Related keywords in organic searches at the beginning of the project

grupo tenda 1 keywords maio 2019

Data Source: SEM Rush


The project had an aggressive strategy of selecting keywords, producing content, and acquiring external links. The agility in the resolution of SEO techniques recommendations was also decisive for the success of the project.

The whole process involved the participation of a dedicated full-time writer for the production and maintenance of all content.


15% increase in organic traffic each month;
+ 500% organic growth since the beginning of the project;
+ 115,000 new keywords in the search;
+ 2,500 keywords in the top 3;

Estimated traffic in July 2021

grupo tenda 3 estimativa julho 2021

Related keywords in organic searches in July 2021

grupo tenda 3 keywords julho 2021

Data Source: SEM Rush

Years of the project
Worked contents
TOP 3 keywords
Daniel Nepomuceno - Grupo Tenda

The technical knowledge that Gear SEO professionals have was fundamental to our growth in organic traffic.

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