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It is very important to maintain the originality of content, without any residue of plagiarism, for your website to be well ranked on Google. For this reason, Therefore, before publishing a page, it is essential to check that there is no copy of any content that already exists on the web.


Even accidentally, these little plagiarisms can occur during content production and cause serious consequences for your domain. For this reason, we present Copyscape, a tool capable of identifying any duplication existing in the texts produced for your website or blog.


Another important topic concerns the plagiarism that can happen to your website. Nowadays, many contents available on the internet are published on a page and illegally copied by competitors to gain more visibility.


How does Copyscape work?

Copyscape is considered the best anti-plagiarism tool on the internet by many proofreaders, as it is easy to use and its copy detection capacity is very high. After all, its robots and algorithms analyze all SERPs indexed by the main search engine — Google.


Besides, on the website of this tool, several recommendations are mentioned about how to avoid plagiarism and prevent the cloning of posts on your website. Thus, it is much easier to identify any existing irregularities in your URL.


Copyscape free version

There are two free services offered by Copyscape: the comparison of URLs (as a way to check if it does not have anything similar), and the banners (available to be applied on your website, warning those who purposely clone your content).


When opening the “Free Comparison Tool” tab, you type your website address in “Item 1” or the part of the text you want to know if it is plagiarized. In “Item 2”, put the URL of the website suspected to have cloned you or a snippet of the specific text. Thus, it will be easier to resolve your doubts about the duplication of your content on the web.


Regarding the banners, in the “Free Plagiarism Banners” tab there are several warning images about plagiarism for you to insert on your website. That way, every time someone tries to copy your content, they will be aware of the risks taken due to the anti-plagiarism check done in Copyscape.


Copyscape premium

The paid option of the platform offers exclusive benefits, capable of further improving the anti-plagiarism check of your website. Among it, there is the possibility to check if the content produced has duplicity, which may prevent the visibility loss of your website in the first search results of Google.


Offline use is another feature available to premium users. When copying the text published on your website, the tool will automatically detect which addresses are plagiarizing it. You can also opt for batch search, which checks up to 1,000 indexed pages on your domain at once.


Other benefits, such as the exclusion of unknown websites from your search field, and the possibility of plagiarism checking on your website, are also exclusive to premium users.

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SEO Glossary

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