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Gear SEO & Medway

About the project

Medway emerged from the desire to help future residents achieve success, believing that anyone has the potential to pass the medical residency they wish.


Medway already had all the components of an SEO project: content production, a WordPress platform, and a previous execution history with positive results. However, it needed a keyword-based strategy to grow even more in organic traffic.

In addition to mapping keywords and competition, we also carry out the full project, including all On-Page analysis. We’ve increased content production and started a Link Building strategy.

Estimated traffic at the beginning of the project

biossance 1 estimativa ago 2020

Related keywords in organic searches at the beginning of the project

biossance 2 keywords ago 2020

Data source: SEM Rush


In this project, in particular, we have the synergy between the internal SEO team, which was already working on the project, and the Gear SEO team, responsible for organizing and helping to cover all other fronts in order to deliver a complete work over the months.

The main feature of the contents is the technical reference. For this, we have the active participation of the Medway team during creation and validation of the texts.


Organic traffic growth of 20% month by month;
+ 50% organic growth since the beginning of the project;
More than 50,000 new keywords in search;
+ 2,000 keywords in the top 3;

Estimated traffic estimate in June 2022

biossance 3 estimativa ago 2021

Related keywords in organic searches in June 2022

biossance 4 keywords ago 2021

Data source: SEM Rush

Months of project
TOP3 Keywords

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