What makes a good Link Building?

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Link Building is the last step of an SEO process, aiming to get partners from other websites, which insert links in the content, redirecting it to your page. Since the creation of the main web search engines, several URLs are found through other posts and, from there, indexed in the search results.

By the way, in the past decade, during a website ranking, the main factor taken into account by Google was the number of links that directed it. Although this is no longer considered essential today, the searcher still observes it to trace how popular that address is.

Quantity vs. quality of links

Just as there are positive value links, there are negative ones, capable of impairing the website on which the reference was made, causing it to suffer punishment from Google. For this reason, it is very important to know which addresses are reliable before creating partnerships.

When links were the main ranking factors considered by Google, several sites, including low-quality ones, started to redirect each other. This led to an improvement of search engines, which began to give more importance to the quality of content.

A tip for your website appears as a reference in other reliable pages is not to partner with only one domain, but with several. As is known, URLs have different strengths on the web. For this reason, the more addresses linked to you, the better positioning your website will have in Google results.

There is no point in several links from a partner website referring to just one page of your domain. In addition to the risk of being punished by Google, there will not be a diversity of URLs that will be accessed through external links.

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How can a page affect the quality of a link?

As mentioned above, external links, which redirect to your site, do not have the same strength due to the quality and level of reliability of the partner site. It is very important to analyze this factor while prospecting is being done and to avoid partnering with domains with a considerable bounce rate.

If during the search for partners, is found a website that already redirects to others, it should be discarded immediately. In this situation, a tip is to prefer domains without many external links, because, this way, your URL will have more prominence in the content.

The more links mention the website that you intend to partner with, the more reliable it will be. This ensures that all content to be published on it, with an external link redirecting to your address, will have high visibility and will make your URL stronger.

Factors that influence the quality of a link

Before partnering with a website, make sure that it has a URL recognized by Google and does not redirect to another. If this situation happens, the external link pointing to your domain will lose strength and visibility in search engines.

If the external link that redirects to your website appears in the first three paragraphs of content from the partner domain, it is more likely to be clicked by the user. This is because, in some situations, the person does not read the whole post, so the chances of them not accessing your URL are greater if the reference is in the middle or at the bottom of the text.

If your website’s linking does not appear in the text, but in the image, it may end up losing strength, because search engines can only interpret the alternative text, ignoring the caption. Thus, the preference is always to insert the external link in the middle of the content. This is also true in situations involving internal linking.

Tips on how to do a good Link Building

Making a good Link Building involves some techniques capable of identifying reliable websites to redirect to yours. Next, learn some tips on how to choose the ideal partners, capable of improving the visibility of your domain:

• invest in guest posting, that is, access reliable blogs, websites, and social networks, making comments on publications, and sharing it. From this, realizing your interaction in the posts, the URL’s administrator can call you to be a partner;
• develop infographics on your page and insert an “embed” code there. That way, it will automatically be sent to your page’s followers;
• publish content that attracts a large audience, able to comment and share your posts. If it is a hot topic at the time, several sites will create backlinks referring to your page;
• produce high-quality content, obeying the SEO criteria. Thus, your website’s organic traffic will grow steadily over time.

If you want to improve your site’s organic traffic and get partner domains that redirect, contact Gear SEO. Besides working in all stages of Link Building, from prospection to content publication, we drive the best strategies to increase the organic traffic of your URL.


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