How does the SEO process work at Gear SEO?

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In this article, we will briefly explain how the process in an SEO project works here, at our agency.

Basically, all the SEO cycle is divided into the steps below.

1 – Strategy
2 – Content Production
3 – On-Page
4 – Link Building
5 – Results

The above process is cyclical, that is, every month it is repeated, and our challenge as an agency is to make it as efficient as possible, month after month. We have a professional responsible for each of these steps.

Processo de SEO

This is the best process?

We definitely don’t know. The only certainty we have is that SEO is essentially made up of good practices, based on mistakes and successes. Our process is a union of all these good practices, worked over the years, as well as the experience of all of us. Other aspects that we take into account when defining the process are the following:

Understanding among all: this process is the clearest way for everyone to understand the activities (client, employees, outsourced development agencies, and freelancers);

Separation of areas: the professional who takes care of the On-Page SEO area is not the same who will lead the production of the contents. These are 100% distinct activities, but within the same “umbrella” called SEO. This is the most didactic way we found to facilitate the process and the work of those responsible;

Union of all fronts: our biggest challenge is to make all the fronts above work together with visibility between the areas, and, mainly, that the client realizes that the methodology is working in practice. With this process, we can guarantee that perception.

Explaining the steps

Before we introduce the steps, it is important to determine our tool for acting and controlling this entire process: Google Drive. For us, this is the most efficient way to involve all participants in the process (client, employees, outsourced development agencies, and freelancers). With Google Drive, we can also delimit permissions, daily backups, and version control of all documents that are part of the project.

The video below explains better how our structure for an SEO project works.

1 – Strategy

Here, we define the effort we work with throughout the monthly process cycle. Using tools like SEM Rush, Google Ad Planner, and Ahrefs, we analyze opportunities through keywords, competition, and positioning difficulties. With that in mind, we insert these keywords into the structure to be worked on during the process.

The video below explains better how the monthly strategy definition for an SEO project works.

2 – Content Production

Even before the process begins, we interviewed the client to define all the communication material that will be used in the project (personas, target audience, communication guidelines, etc.). This information is provided by the client. With these materials in hand, we conduct the training and qualification of the writer who will be responsible for producing the content.

For us, this is the best way to work. This is because, for Gear SEO and more than 90% of the clients we serve, it is much faster and more effective to train a writer who already has knowledge in SEO and is immersed in our process so that they develop the content for the client.

Emphasizing that all our content is proofread by a dedicated team and validated using anti-plagiarism tools.

The video below explains better how the content production process for an SEO project works.

3 – On-Page

In this step, we take into account all the technical demands for improving the website or the structure selected for the SEO project. Factors such as Mobile First, loading speed, frameworks, website structure, and content layout are considered in this step of the project. Tools like Page Speed, GTmetrix, Google Analytics, and Screaming Frog are used for the selection of technical tasks.

The On-Page process may be worked together with the strategy or separately. Likewise, there are tasks for which Gear SEO may be responsible for implementing, and there are exclusive tasks for implementation by the client or the development agency that provides services to them.

The video below explains better how the On-Page process for an SEO project works.

4 – Link Building

Generally, this work front is performed independently of the others, including the client’s supervision. We work in this way to ensure that all the external content publications are as natural and impartial as possible from all communication with the client in question.

Currently, we have more than 2,000 partners registered with us and able to publish content. All these partners are submitted monthly to our criteria of good SEO practices and guaranteed permanence for an indefinite period of content publication. This step of the process may work together with the strategy or in an isolation manner.

The video below explains better how the Link Building process for an SEO project works.

5 – Results

In this step, we measure the results in the two following ways.

Qualitative: the quality of deliveries of all tasks in the monthly cycle is measured, as well as the understanding of everyone involved in the process (client, employees, outsourced development agencies, and freelancers). We do this measurement through monthly meetings and feedback interviews with all parties involved. This part of the step is important because it will be through it that we will ensure that the next cycle is better than the previous one;

Quantitative: all the KPIs we take into account for an SEO project are measured (organic visits, organic traffic conversion, average ticket, revenue through organic traffic, or the number of leads generated by organic traffic).

There are also KPIs directly linked to the SEO project, such as the number of keywords related to the site in the organic searches; site impressions in search engines; keywords in the first three positions, on the first page and the second page; the number of backlinks; among other tracking numbers.

The video below explains better how the results’ measurement process works.

In this step, we can establish the guideline of the project that is being developed and all the updates or course changes that will be necessary to reach the objective in the medium/long term.


With this methodology, we can evolve with an SEO project on all the fronts mentioned above, in addition to the understanding of everyone involved in the project. Above all, this methodology was defined to be used in any project size, be it with the selection of 10, 15, 50, 100, or 200 keywords and monthly content.

If you have questions or suggestions about the functionality of the project, be sure to comment or contact us!


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